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Many Murray chiropractic patients come into my office desperate for relief from chronic pain. In the course of a month, I might treat a muscle-bound Murray construction worker with neck distress, a young Sandy college student with migraines, and a nimble-fingered Draper court reporter with repetitive motion problems in her wrists.

Chronic pain is pain that is so intense and/or constant that it interferes (or completely takes over) your life. Pharmaceuticals that treat pain are some of the most-used medications in Murray. However, Murray sufferers who take narcotics run the risk of dependence or dangerous side effects.

I am Chiropractor James Branson of Branson Chiropractic . Since 2005, I have been helping chronic pain patients cut down or discontinue pain-killer use.

Chiropractor treatment can be very effective for cases of chronic pain, whether the pain is caused by an unfortunate Murray workplace accident, sports injury, or repetitive motion.

If your pain management methods have stopped providing relief, I invite you to call my office at 555.555.5555 to schedule a chronic pain consultation.

Your first step in reducing your pain is by calling an experienced chiropractor. I hope you will let me help you.

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