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Why is spinal misalignment so common in Murray and surrounding communities? As a Salt Lake City area chiropractor, I am often asked why spine problems are so prevalent in Utah and around the country.

The short answer? Life. Spine damage often begins at birth.

Have you ever seen an infant with a temporarily misshapen head caused by forces during the birthing process? The same thing often happens to the spine, but the spine can’t adjust like an infant’s soft skull bones.

As we grow and move, our spine continues to receive stress. A slight misalignment gets more severe and begins to pinch nerves. The nervous system is not able to function properly. Health problems start popping up because of an ineffective nervous system. Our fast-paced lifestyle in Murray certainly doesn’t help.

I treat South Jordan men and women who sit for hours slumped over a computer. I treat men and women with a history of sleep problems. I treat Sandy workers with physically demanding jobs like roofers, cement layers, and painters. I treat Murray mothers and day care providers who carry a toddler on their hip as they go through their day. I even treat young Salt Lake City children with spine problems.

If you take care of your spine it will take care of you and your nervous system. Chiropractic treatment is effective for people of all ages and lifestyles.

If misalignment is causing headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, leg pain, or fibromyalgia, I urge you to visit my chiropractic office.

If you have back pain, rest assured that I have successfully treated many chiropractic patients with back problems similar to yours. Don’t suffer any longer. Call my office today to schedule a spinal assessment.

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