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When you drive past a group of smiling kids gleefully tearing around your Salt Lake City neighborhood on scooters, do you say to yourself, ‘Was I ever like that?’ When you rush by an elderly couple enjoying a relaxing afternoon in the park, do you wonder, ‘Will I ever be able to do that?’

Many Salt Lake City adults don’t know what it feels like to be without stress. They spend their busy days tense and worried.

Financial pressures, family responsibilities, health problems, job demands, and overscheduling can combine to create physical and mental overload.

Of course, a little stress can be good, but most of us have way too much on our plate. Sooner or later, we will suffer for it.

If it seems like you are too frazzled to remember things, you might be right. If stress hormones are constantly blasting out like a fire hose, your cognitive abilities can suffer, especially your memory. You may have difficulty retrieving important information you mentally filed away and also creating new memories that stick. (That’s the last thing a stressed-out person needs–a failing memory.)

What does chiropractic treatment have to do with stress? Chiropractic treatment is designed to remove physical causes of nerve interference. Regular chiropractic treatment can keep your nervous system working properly. If you are having difficulty managing your stress, schedule an appointment today, then relax! –

Chiropractor James Branson
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