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Hello Draper! If you are reading this on a screen, today’s article is for you.

With our current screen-centric world, almost everything we do – from sitting for long hours hunched over the computer screen or mapquesting directions on our iPhone – encourages our upper bodies to round forward. With all this screen time and continual slouching it is a wonder that not all Draper residents experience some form of neck and back pain.

If you have developed a hunched posture and are suffering from low back pain, neck pain, or headaches, my staff and I at Branson Chiropractic would love to bring you relief.

I am Chiropractor James Branson and I have been treating patients since 2005. Whether you spend hours hunched over a screen or have been injured in an accident, I will use a treatment specific to your pain problem.

I specialize in spinal massage and neck adjustment. In addition to these procedures I will customize my skills and techniques to meet your individual health care needs.

Stop hurting and start healing today! Contact my office to schedule a back pain consultation.

Branson Chiropractic
123 North Main Street
Draper, Utah

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