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In terms of combat sports, nothing surpasses the UFC. Get it? Beats! Dad joke alert! Anyway, UFC chances have long enticed bettors to bet on their favorite fighters so as to earn some coin. To be able to bet about the UFC, you want a basic understanding of the sport and fighters, and you have to understand how to read the chances. Odds Shark’s got you covered like two fighters locked in a clinch.
The Way to Read UFC Odds
Most sports chances are introduced in precisely the exact same way. The favorite is represented with the minus sign (-), whereas the underdog is represented by the plus sign (+). You will also observe that odds are usually based on bettors wagering $100. When you visit +110 or even -110, it means that the juice or vig — what exactly the sportsbook accumulates — is $10. Sportsbooks have to create money so as to be able to operate along with the juice is generally in the $5-$10 range.
By Way of Example, you may see chances to get a fight between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov revealed like this:
McGregor +125
Nurmagomedov -155
If you decided to bet the preferred (Nurmagomedov), you would need to lay down $155 to win $100. Conversely, if you bet the underdog (McGregor), you would just need to put down $100 to win $125. Underdog bets come with more danger, which is the reason you don’t need to put up just as much cash as you would using a bet on the favorite. Something to notice, you do not need to wager $100 on this match. You may wager whatever you enjoy, depending upon the sportsbook.
Kudos to you if you can spell”Nurmagomedov” in your very first attempt. Some of us had to look this up.
UFC Betting Explained
If it comes to wagering on this battle sport, you have lots of choices like the moneyline, method of victory, and complete rounds.
UFC moneyline betting simply boils to betting on who you think will win the struggle. For instance, Conor McGregor was a -140 favored for his fight vs Eddie Alvarez in UFC 205. To win $100, you would have to wager $140 on McGregor. However, Alvarez has been the +110 underdog, which means you’d only need to wager $100 to win $110.
The method of success bet is a bet you place on the way the fight is going to be won rather of who’ll win it. Using the same instance of UFC 205, if you think McGregor will win through knockout — which he did — that would be your way of success bet.
A complete rounds bet is much like an OVER/UNDER bet you would make on another sport but rather than guessing if the points total will be more or less than the total set by the sportsbook, you would bet the number of rounds. If you think the struggle between McGregor and Nurmagomedov will probably be over in 2.5 rounds or not, you’d wager the UNDER. If you feel the fight will proceed more than 2.5 rounds, you’d bet the OVER.
UFC Betting Tactics
The straightforward nature of UFC betting leads to straightforward handicapping and strategy as well. UFC bettors are tasked with picking winners, how a fight will end, and the length of time it will go on. In order to be intelligent bets, you will want to do your homework. The sole difference between doing your homework now vs when you were in high school is that UFC homework can win you some money. If only that were the case when you were a teenager, though you probably would have spent your homework reward money on Nine Inch Nails CDs like some of us failed believing they were going to start the goth revolution.

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